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  • SDPI to Organise 'Popular March' from Aug. 2 to 6 in Kerala Kochi: SDPI will organise 'Popular March' from August 2 to 6, with the slogan 'Don't deny democracy to marginalised people', informed state president Adv. K P Muhammed Shareef in a press conference here today. The march is planned to highlight the highhandedness of state police and to give reply to the allegations leveled against the party in the backdrop of assault against controversial teacher at New Man College, Thodupuzha.
    Muhammed Shareef alleged that the left government annoyed by the support the SDPI, a newborn political party, getting from the society, was misusing police force to tarnish image of the party with unwarranted raids and arrests. The raids are being conducted at the offices and houses of its activists to create misunderstanding among the society about the party through the allegation of extremism. Police even tried to obstruct its leaders meeting at Kochi. This kind of attitudes is reminiscent of emergency period, he added.
    Police believe that they can destroy the party by intimidating its activists and leaders especially from backward communities. But they are not going to win this psychological war. SDPI strives for adequate representation for backward classes in all spheres of life, and it will reach the target sooner than later, he said.
    Even the chief minister of the state is making statement which would cause hatred and suspicion among society. What LDF and UDF are doing now is to ruin the social tranquility of Kerala through their irresponsible rhetoric.
    SDPI will counter these forces and give them befitting reply. It will show its presence in upcoming local body election.
    The Popular March will be held in four regions. At south, it will be led by state secretary Thulaseedharan Pallikkal, in central region by general secretary M K Manoj Kumar, in Malabar region by state secretary V T Ikramul Haq and in north region state secretary Yousuf Wynad.

  • Anti Muslim Rhetoric: Kerala CM should Step Down, Demands SDPI Kozhikkode: V S Achutanandan is fit to sit in the chair of Kerala chief minister, and he should step down, demands Social Democratic Party of India. It was reacting to the anti Muslim statement by VS who said that attempts were being made to make Kerala a Muslim majority nation within next 20 years. He also said that it was being done through forceful conversions and marrying Hindu girls.
    V S has violated his oath through the statement which will cause communal hatred among society, said state secretariat of SDPI. He was trying to justify the baseless allegation regarding ‘Love Jihad’, a charge which was refuted by Kerala High Court. The statement of V S shows his intolerance to the political empowerment of minority and backward societies alleged the statement by state secretariat.
    State president Adv. K P Muhammad Shareef, General Secretaries M K Manoj Kumar and P Abdul Majeed Faizee spoke at the meeting.

  • CPI (M) has made secret agreement with BJP: SDPI Kozhikode: The CPI (M) has made secret agreement with the BJP to gain votes in the apanchayat elections by creating communal tensions, accused the Social Democratic Party of India. The CPI (M) has now taken up the accusations that the BJP has been making against Muslim-Dalit sections and groups as part of this agreement, said the party’s state general secretary Abdul Majeed Faisy and state committee member P Ahmed Shareef in a press conference.
    The leaders reportedly said that the wrong propaganda by the CPI (M) against the organizations of the minorities is a part of it. CPI (M) general secretary Pinarayi Vijayan’s efforts to portray the SDPI as a UDF-supporter won’t be fruitful. The SDPI has the power to move forward organizing the Dalit-minorities and backward sections of the society. The CPI (M) is eyeing at the votes of the upper caste Hindus as the Muslims and backward sections have moved away from the party. It is as part of it that the LDF government is blocking the meetings and activities of the SDPI which is an authorized political party. The police move of interfering in the SDPI area meeting last day in Ernakulam is a threat to the democratic set-up. The police have not sat in the meeting of any political party in the country.
    The party will organize activities and campaigns to explain the policies of the party from 27th to 31st of July, said the general secretary.


  • SDPI to hold 'Long March' agaist police partiality in Kerala Social Democratic Party of India has decided to hold Long Marches in four areas in the state with a view to spread the message of the party. The decision was taken at a time when the party’s offices also are being widely raided along with the offices of the PFI in connection with the investigation into the attack on the professor of Newman's College for preparing a question paper with derogatory references to Prophet Mohammad. The marches will take place from 27 to 31 of this month. Meetings were held in Kannur, Malappuram and Ernakulam to discuss the matter.
    Meanwhile, police came to the SDPI meeting held in an auditorium in Ernakulam. When the SDPI leaders contacted the City Police Commissioner, they were reportedly said they could continue their meeting in the presence of the police. Though they opposed it at first citing it was not a secret meeting, they agreed to it at last. The meeting was held to fix the rout and other details of the Long March from Kunnamkulam to Kottayam. Party state secretariat accused that the police atrocity in the meeting was an insult to democratic Kerala. The meeting chaired by state president Adv KP Muhammed Shareef reportedly warned that the governments using the police to torture the party members would be tried in the people’s court.

  • SDPI hails move to amend Communal Violence Bill New Delhi : The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has hailed the reported move to amend the Communal Violence Bill, (CVB), following the recommendation of National Advisory Council, (NAC), headed by the Congress president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi.
    SDPI national general secretary A. Sayeed in a Press statement said the move is a welcome step in the right direction as there were many apprehensions among people, especially in the minds of Muslims, about the proposed bill and its ramifications.
    Sayeed said it is good to see that better counsel has prevailed over the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance, (UPA), Government at the Centre and it has felt the need not to press the CVB in the present form but to go for amendments in it to allay the fears of the minorities and others. In the present form the CVB would have strengthened the hands of the police and the administration to unleash unbridled terror on Muslims. It has been observed that in most of the communal riots after initial skirmishes between warring communities the police and the district administration is aligned against Muslims to beat them black and blue, he pointed out.
    He urged Mrs. Gandhi to personally supervise the redrafting of the Bill so that no lacuna is left in it for the law enforcing agencies to exploit it and harass the minorities.
    It is good to note that the NAC has also advised the government to constitute a national authority to check communal and sectarian violence in the country.
    It may be mentioned here that the Communal Violence (Prevention, Control and Rehabilitation of Victims) Bill was introduced in the Rajya Sabha in 2005 and is waiting to be passed in the Lok Sabha. It has many objectionable provisions while giving unnecessary powers to the police.

  • Scheduled Cast Land Misappropriation: Minster Misleading Assembly- SDPI
    Thiruvananthapuram: Regarding the misappropriation of tribal land at Nandavanam, SC & ST welfare minister A K Balan is trying to mislead state assembly and people, alleged Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) state general secretary K M Manoj Kumar.
    Minister's statement in the house about building a hostel for scheduled cast women spending three crore rupees at the site of proposed scheduled cast development directorate is totally false. It's in clear violation of the oath he has taken as minister and as a people's representative, he said.
    The foundation stone laid on 27th May 2002 by the then minister Dr. M A Kuttappan to build a new SC directorate, is still there neglected by the authorities.
    After left front government came into power new minister has given permission to build a new hostel for working women not exclusively meant for scheduled caste. For this he has already allocated Rs. 29.88 lakh rupees and given contract to a company named I.T.C.O at Ernakulam. In spite of all these evidences, the minister's statement in the house is totally misleading, Manoj Kumar added.
    He also warned of strong protest joining hands with backward classes against this move by the government to demolish SC directorate at Nandavanam land.

  • SDPI holds book distribution program
    Manglore: Social Democratic Party of India, Bajal Unit, conducted a Book distribution program at Government School, Bajal recently.
    Books were distributed to 68 Students, who were from economically backward families, at the program that was presided by M.Ashraf, president of School Development Committee.

    Around 200 people were present at the program including parents and students.
    Chief guest Shalini, head teacher of the school, commended Social Democratic Party of India for its social services and assured full support and help in the future.
    Asief Bajal, a lecturer in Badriya Pre University College advised parents to use money for education instead of improvident spending.
    Nawaz, Campus Front of India Secretary, was also present at the dais. Saifulla welcomed gathering while Riyaz Bajal delivered vote of thanks.

  • Manglore: SDPI conducts training camp for its winning candidates
    Manglore: Social Democratic Party of India, Dakshin Kannada district unit, conducted a training camp for Gram Panchayat members, who were backed by the party in recent election, at the district office, Mangalore.
    Thirty two members attended the camp.
    Ilyas Muhammad Thumbe, gave a class on PARTY IDEALOGY. He explained the cause for which the party established.
    SDPI State Exicutive Council member Anwar Sadath gave a lecture on LEADERSHIP. He explained about the successful leadership of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), Mahathma Gandhi and others, and the techniques used by them.

    In afternoon session Manju Vittal spoke on the theme of Panchayathraj. He explained about the power which Gram Panchayath members have.
    Hanif Kodaje, Dakshin Kannada district president, said in his conclusion speech, that local people cannot reach MPs or MLAs to describe their problem. But they can meet Panchayath members for that and the members must respond for their problems.
    Muhammad Nasir, District General Secretary, made introductory speech and welcomed the gathering while Salim Guruvayan, district secretary, coordinated and delivered vote of thanks.

  • Office Raid: SDPI fast in front of State Secretariat Thiruvananthapuram: SDPI leaders and activists will stage fast today in front of state secretariat in protest against unwarranted raids in its offices. The protest will be led by state secretary K Manoj Kumar. The fast is to protest against the attempts to tarnish the image of SDPI, an organization functioning in the society for year in democratic way, said Abdul Majeed Faizee, state secretary of SDPI.

  • Raid of office a violation of freedom of expression and political rights: SDPI Kozhikode: The unnecessary raids conducted in the offices of the Social Democratic Party of India are a violation of the right for independent political activity as well as the freedom of expression acknowledged by the Indian Constitution, said the state leaders of the SDPI in a press conference.

    The SDPI is a political party formed as per the rules of the Indian Election Commission. IT has played a part in the democratic elections held in various states and emerged successful in the last one year. This has led to the opposition of the traditional political leadership.

    The raid shows the high-caste conspiracy that the low castes should only vote for political parties and should not form their own political parties. The Dalit and backward classes of the society who were subject to discrimination and rejection from the mainstream political parties looked forward to the SDPI with hope. The issues taken up by the party in its Jana Kerala Yathra were issues that no other party had taken up. Efforts are on to destroy the popular confidence gained, using the police. The SDPI has the mental strength to defend this mysterious move. Conducting raids in the houses of non-Muslim party members of the SDPI in untimely hours is a part of political conspiracy. The Kerala police have come down as the volunteers of the CPI (M). The police-political conspiracy which insults the literate Kerala should come to an end, the leaders demanded.
    National chairman of the Popular Front of India EM Abdul Rahman condemned the discriminatory and anti-democratic moves of the Kerala police towards the PFI. Raiding the state office of the organisation in the name of a local incident is a violation of the democratic rights, he said. He expressed doubt that the moves were a part of dirt politics to create communal divide among the people and utilize it in the up-coming panchayat elections.

    The SDPI organized a one-day fast in front of the state secretariat under the leadership of MK Manoj Kumar to protest against the denial of the right to political activity. Unnecessarily raiding the offices of the party was a threat to democracy, said Manoj Kumar.
    The district leaders of the SDPI in Malappuram expressed their protest to District Superintendent of Police K Sethuraman in the widespread raid conducted in the offices of the party in the district. The leaders visited the SP and expressed their discontent

  • Withdraw Army from all inhabited areas in Kashmir Valley: SDPI The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), while expressing its deep concern over the deteriorating law and order situation in Kashmir valley over alleged senseless killing of over two dozen innocent youth by the security forces in as many days, has demanded withdrawal of Army from all the inhabited areas in the Valley.

    The SDPI National President E.Abubacker in a statement said the situation in Kashmir demands a political, not a military, solution. A fear psychosis prevailing in the mind of youths of the valley should immediately be addressed by sincere political move. A mere hollow promise by the political heavyweights is not going to work anymore. With normal life coming to a grinding halt in the Valley following unending curfew restrictions, the hardships of the people of the region can be very well realized, he added.

    E.Abubacker has demanded the release of all arrested political leaders, activists and protesters. He also demanded to repeal the black AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act in Jammu and Kashmir), which has allowed the army to kill with utter disdain. He urged the Union Government to initiate a real dialogue with the people and parties to solve this vexed issue on a priority basis to bring everlasting peace in the region.

  • Misappropriation of SC Land: SDPI holds Secretariat March in Kerala

    Thiruvananthapuram: SC/ST Welfare minister A K Balan should come forward to make statement on misappropriation of Nandavanam land for proposed Scheduled Cast directorate here, demanded Abdul Majeed Faizee, Kerala state general secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI). He was inaugurating a secretariat march held by SDPI activists in protest against the Kerala government’s move to take away the SC land and build a hostel there.
    State government has already allotted Rupees 2.98 crores for proposed Working Women’s hostel. A private company was given contract to begin the work. And a minister even intimidated journalists to cover up the move, alleged Majeed Faizee.
    It was in 2008, a foundation stone was laid by then minister M A Kuttappan. And now the left front government is grabbing this land away from SC sections. The government move to build Scheduled Cast directorate demolishing their IAS coaching centre at Kanaka Nagar can not be allowed, he added.
    State leaders of SDPI like M K Manoj Kumar, Thulaseedharan Pallikkal, Karaman Rasack, Dalith Aikya Vedi state president Karakulam Sathyakumar also spoke on the occasion

  • SDPI eager to win an election in Tamil Nadu New Delhi: After winning in Rajasthan and Karnataka local elections, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) is eager to open an account in Tamil Nadu. SDPI is trying to make inroads in Tamil Nadu by contesting Trichy Corporation by-election for the 28th ward. District president of SDPI S. Rahmathullah is the party candidate. State-level office bearers of the Party were present when the candidate filed his nomination. Presence of state President KKSM Dehlan, General Secretary Nellai Mumbarak and Treasurer Ajmad Basha suggest the importance SDPI attaches to this election. One third of Trichy's 28th ward voters are estimated to be Muslims which adds to the confidence of the party.
    SDPI is a Muslim-led party with a goal to "protect the interest of Muslim, Dalits and other deprived communities of the nation." SDPI campaigns on an agenda of "freedom from hunger and freedom from fear." The Election Commission of India on April 13th of this year registered SDPI as a political party. Since then it has won an election in Rajasthan for Gram Panchayat election when its candidate Mohammad Haneef got elected as Sarpanch of Channa in Sawai Madhopur district.
    SDPI also did well in Karnataka, its main base. Party's candidate Naznin Begum won Padaryanapuram ward in Bruhat Bengaluru Maha Nagara Palike (BBMP) election held in March by 2030 vote margin winning 6032 votes. SDPI's big moment came when it bagged 67 seats in Karnataka Gram Panchayat elections held last month

  • Blood Donation Camp at Nellai District (TN)
    Nellai (TN) July 5,2010: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) organized a Blood donation camp at Nellai west District on July 4,2010.

    A Team of Medicos from Tenkasi Government hospital headed by V.Subramanian, Nellai District President of International Red Cross were deployed for blood donation  and blood group identification  camp held at Kadayanallur Government girls higher secondary school campus.
    Mr Mohideen Abdul Kader, founder correspondent of Everest group of institutions  has been invited as our chief guest. Mr Abdul kader in his speech greeted Social Democratic party that “though SDPI is a Secular Political Party it will soon emerge into a successful social service organization in near future”
    Mr. Subramanian said “ I had visited many camps conducted by political parties in which blood donors usually donate blood to satisfy their leaders but here I can see donors donate blood without any expectation. I saw many waiting in a queue. This will certainly  encourage everyone one of us to donate blood”

    Nellai District Secretary Divan oli inaugurated the camp and SDPI Nellai west President Fazlur Rahman, SDPI cadres Salih,Tipu Sultan   were present.
    Social Democratic Party of India’s Kadayanallur district President Naina Mohamed alias Gani made all arrangements and made it successful. Public in Large number  participated eagerly in blood donation created awareness.

  • Ma'dani: the two vanguards should stop hide and seek- SDPI Calictut: SDPI state committee members alleged that the two vanguards in Kerala who continuing stance that is hippocratic and cheating. In the case of Abdunnasir ma'dani CPM and BJP are birds of a feather for hunting Ma'dani. Ma'dani should be ready to join for political empowering of backward classes, minorities and depressed people if government not comes to platform to protect and oppose which imposed upon one's bull case, by state vice president P K Gopinadan, General Secretary V T Iqramul Haque. They needed in press conference. Sanghaparivar gives a false colour to trap Ma'dani in Banglore bomb blast based on statement of accused man who has been taken in the custody of BJP government of Karnataka. In this circumstance of proved Sanghaparivar connection, which is in a fix in to dilemma, they are behind the conspiracy. The government attempts to jail ma'dani again who has been released as innocent person by court, which took back about 18 cases against Pramod Muthalik, who did sow seeds for riots and did alliance for conducting riots buying money. In the case of problems among Dalit, Muslim and aborigine communities its dual justice exists in country. With Fascism and Government the noble political parties also participate for alleging terrorism and picturing terrorist activities their own struggles for right. It was CPM political ill-will who gave welcome Ma'dani who had been released in Coimbatore case. Now CPM's trick aim is getting sympathetically votes only if he will be jailed. Congress and CPM should clear standing point stopping hide and seek using Ma'dani. Muslim league partially joined into discrimination saying that let the law gone its own way- members added.