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  • SDTU- a new trade union formed in Kerala; A Vasu president
    Kozhikode (Kerala): A new trade union SDTU (Social Democratic Trade Union) has been formed on May 1, the world workers day, at Kozhikode which was one for the battle ground for workers rights. The inaugural conference offered the working class of Kerala a new work culture. New union was declared by Social Democratic Party national president E Abubaker at Nalanda Auditorium here. He accused the present trade unions of making unnecessary hartal and strike calls and raise slogans for the sake of their mother organisations. It is this attitude of the unions turned the working class of the state inactive. Along with fighting for the cause of working class SDTU will inculcate sense of social responsibility among them, he added.

    National ad-hoc committee member Adv. K M Ashraf declared the names of office bearers of the party to the big applause from the audience. A Vasu (president), Karamana Rasaq (vice president), O Aliyar (general secretary), Roy Arakkal (secretary), Adv. A A Raheem (secretary), Muhammed Kunhi (Tresurer) were declared office bearers. Other members are Nasar Kalavur, Noushad Mangalassery, Jhonson Kollam, Haneefa Kozhinjampara, Hakeem Mundakkayam, A A Subramanian and Ismail Kammana.

    SDPI state president Nasaruddeen Elamaram presided over the function.  M K Manoj Kumar, Majeed Faizee, Muvattyupuzha Ashraf Moulavi, Thulaseedharan Pallikkal, Samkuty Jacob and C P Latheef also spoke.

  • [English] Stop Kootangulam Nuclear Power Plant : SDPI

    Stop Kootangulam Nuclear Power Plant : SDPI

    Nellai : Thousands of people started a fasting to oppose Koodangulam Nuclear Power Plant at Idinthakarai village, Nellai district of Tamilnadu on September 11, 2011 onwards. Yesterday around 2:30 pm SDPI state president KKSM Dehlan Baqavi arrived at the protest spot and expressed his support and solidarity.

    If this Nuclear Power Plant starts functioning people around 50 Km circumference will realize its adverse effect. Agricultural lands will be destroyed and become infertile. Environment will be polluted and enriched Marine resources will be spoilt and destroyed.

    If any accident took place, around 50 km surrounding will be devastated and it will continue to affect many generations to come.

    Even today, People in Russia is still affected by Chernobyl nuclear disaster.Aftermath of tsunami disaster in March this year, Many Japanese were affected in the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Nuclear plant,Japan, So many countries have announced to close their nuclear plants.

    While Kerala had opposed the project, Without any consultation from the people, Nuclear Power Plant was started in Tamilnadu, is condemnable.

    Central Government should abandon this project immediately. Tamilnadu chief minister should exert pressure on Central government to stop this project.

    On Behalf of Social Democratic Party of India, coming 16 th September we have decided to stage protest demonstration at Nellai in support of the People's futuristic legitimate demands.

  • Workers union inagurated at Tanjore District (TN)
    Tanjavore (TN) : Inauguration of workers union held at Tanjavore district Tamilnadu. In the presence of Tirubuvanam Branch
    president Ismail and vice president mohamed SDPI workers union Tanjore District president Abdul malik inaugurated SDPI car van driver's Association/Union on 10 am at thiribuvanam, Tanjore District (TN).

    large number of taxi drivers and vehicle owners were present on chinnakadai, the area was flooded with their vehicles.

    District leaders while speaking, congratulated tiribuvanam branch office bearers for their tireless efforts and praised that they played key role in the formation of workers union at Thirumangalakudi earlier.

    This program was organised successfully by district executive committee members Rahman sadik Thasleem under the supervision of branch secretary halith and treasurer Abdul malik

    Respected Chair man, other leaders on this dais dear audience and workers of SDPI.
    Social democratic party of India is gradually fixing it's foots in West Bengal. The party has now come forward with a demand for reservation in Govt Jobs and Higher Education to Muslims because Muslims are the most backward and under privileged community here. SDPI is a party which strives for the strengthening of backward communities without prejudice of religion caste or creed.
    People in West Bengal have got a glorious heritage of strive for freedom, justice and equality. It is not mere a past history. The present generation also has got a sense of struggle for rights and freedom.
    But I think this is the right time to think whether our efforts are in the right path. Am I not correct in saying almost all the political parties of India have deviated from the ideology on which they are built up?
    Along with the rest of the world our nation also has fallen in the hands of capitalism and imperialism.
    Ordinary mass of the nation are now living under the shadow of two threats. Those are poverty and terror.
    On the other hand our government claims that they have gone far ahead in the way of development and war against terrorism.
    Development is nothing other than Capitalism.
    New capitalists have accepted the term ‘development' to cheat the modern society which is very keen about humanity and equality.
    The government highlights a fake statistics of financial growth.
    When they claim economy development, above 85 percent of the population is struggling to meet the two ends of needs of life.
    More than 50 percent are below the poverty line.
    While our nation live on agriculture, the government has ignored that that area completely.
    Amount of government expenditure on agricultural growth is being decreased year by year.
    Agricultural land is forcefully handed over to neo-capitalist agencies for industrialization.
    Special Economic Zones are designed to strengthen the grips of money powers over the laborers and the villagers.
    Actually, our nation has accepted capitalism in the pretext of development.
    None of the so called main stream political parties is raising voice against these anti people attitude of capitalist agencies. In another words, our political parties themselves have become an agency to capture and handover people's rights and belongings to money powers.
    American President Obama is visiting India. He will address Indian Parliament. There is an impression that Obama is gentle and generous. He is in no way less than George Bush.
    In fact our country has thrown away the values of non alliance movement. Virtually it has now become a war ally of America.
    The history of our nation has got a black mark of casteism and communalism. These two evils are not eradicated from the secular democratic India. Instead they have strengthened their influence over all the folds of our society and administration. Hatred and enmity is spread.
    In addition our country has now imported hatred from Israel. The most communal force in the world, Israel, is the closest friend and guide of our country now.
    India started diplomatic relationship with Israel during the year 1992. It was not BJP or Vajpayee who started this unholy tie. It was none other than Mr. Narasimha Rao. He gave two blows to the Indian secular society. One is the demolition of Babri Masjid and the other, opening of the doors of our nation to the evil conspirators of Israel.
    Ever since this relationship mysterious incidents and explosions are taking place continuously in our country. Muslim youths are victimized in these untoward incidents. Later it is clear that some hindutwa fascist forces were behind these attacks. But the black mark over the Indian Muslim society still prevails.
    War against terrorism is American war against Muslims all over the world. Intelligence ties of the country with America and Israel has dragged us into this war. War against terrorism has awarded fear only to our country.
    V L Lenin, the leader of Russian revolution had stated that capitalism will be followed by imperialism. We see his words turning true in India. Capitalism came here in the name ‘development'. Closely following it, imperialism also has set foots here in the name ‘war against terrorism'. Followers of Lenin may be aware of the capitalist forces entered in our country. But they are not coming forward for a total defence. As regards the imperialism, the leftist parties of our country are not ready to realize the imperialist agenda behind the war against terrorism. The reason, I suspect, is prejudice against Islam and Muslims.
    History of our democracy begins with the freedom of the nation. None of the political parties of independent India has tried to teach the values and benefits of democracy to the common mass. Ordinary people of our country are utilized only as vote banks. Power is confined only to the upper class castes. Dalits, tribals and backward communities including Muslims are not only driven away from power, but they are denied of justice, legal rights, and civil rights. Democracy in India was never for a government of people, by people and for people. It was some kind hero worship in the beginning and now only a trade of power by exchange on money.
    Adequate representation in power by various diversities of Indian society is to be ensured for the safety of our democracy. Reservation of seats in legislative bodies and government employment is recommended on this ground. Power class, reluctant to approve this theory is actually endangering our democracy.
    Social Democratic Party of India upholds two slogans. Freedom from hunger, freedom from fear. Threats generated by the neo-capitalist and imperialist forces, which keep hatred towards suppressed class of people, are addressed by these slogans. I invite all those who love the country to line up in this new field of struggle.
    In Bengal Muslims are most backward. Justice Rachinder Sachar has highlighted this fact in his report on the backwardness of Indian Muslims. There are resources among Bengal Muslims. This crowed itself is a forceful weapon. Think about a self upraise. Get rid of the nostalgic thoughts about undivided India. Partition of the nation is no longer an acceptable excuse for your backwardness. Be aware that this is the third generation after the partition. Be aware that political empowerment is an unavoidable step towards survival and development of any community. Be a part of SDPI and take your role in this struggle for survival.

  • Muslim World Remains Disenchanted with Obama: SDPI The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has questioned the euphoria being  shown by the Indian Government and the media in highlighting the proposed visit of United States of America President Barack Obama to India in November second week. There is no perceptible change in the policies pursued by the United States towards Muslim world under Mr. Obama after the change of guards in the White House.
    The SDPI national president E. Abubacker and general secretary A.  Sayeed in a joint statement said that Muslims in India and elsewhere in the world had great hopes from Mr. Obama but all that have been belied. The new President did not match his words with deeds and as such Muslim World remains disenchanted with him for waging war in the name of Peace which was initiated by his predecessor in Afghanistan and Iraq. The change seeker President Obama had advocated changes in attitude towards Muslims. But mere words won't help. Muslims in America or those who visit America face racial discrimination. They are racially profiled. Mr. Obama's verbal promises have not taken a practical shape as yet.

    The joint statement recalled that in his historic speech at Cairo University last year, Mr. Obama had called for a 'new beginning' with the Muslim world but that is yet to be realized in letter and spirit. He advocated a partnership with Muslim communities across the globe on the basis of 'mutual interest and respect', but this too has to unfold in action. It remains yet to be seen that the US is Muslim-friendly as Muslims are not too happy with the US' policy towards the Islamic world. It was expected that Mr. Obama would take efforts to stop Israel from building Jewish settlements in the occupied territory of Palestine.

    The aims and objects of Mr. Obama’s visit to India are not very clear. The general perception is that it is the commencement of commercial negotiations between Indian operators and the US companies. It seems that it is just a business trip with trade matters high on the agenda. Capitalist nature of Indo-American political relationship is going to be more visible. The American president has already waived away the chances of India’s entry in to the UN Security council. Some anti-people moves on nuclear liability also are suspected to take place. The rumblings going on for justice and  freedom in many parts of the world for decades together, is unlikely to crop up in the meetings between the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the US President Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama has not yet responded to the Amnesty International stand on the survivors of Bhopal gas disaster. The Amnesty International has asked US President Barack Obama to support the survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster who are demanding accountability, justice and an end to more than 25 years of human rights violations. It had strongly demanded to the President Barack Obama that the American administration and Indian Government should cooperate to ensure that those accused of causing Bhopal disaster, including UCC, are made to face trial and that Bhopal survivors are able to obtain redress.  The survivors and five activist organizations representing them have recently written to Mr. Obama about the need to bring UCC/Dow to justice, which has not been complied with.
    Social Democratic Party of India will protest against the visit, on the day Obama addresses Indian Parliament.