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  • Workers union inagurated at Tanjore District (TN)
    Tanjavore (TN) : Inauguration of workers union held at Tanjavore district Tamilnadu. In the presence of Tirubuvanam Branch
    president Ismail and vice president mohamed SDPI workers union Tanjore District president Abdul malik inaugurated SDPI car van driver's Association/Union on 10 am at thiribuvanam, Tanjore District (TN).

    large number of taxi drivers and vehicle owners were present on chinnakadai, the area was flooded with their vehicles.

    District leaders while speaking, congratulated tiribuvanam branch office bearers for their tireless efforts and praised that they played key role in the formation of workers union at Thirumangalakudi earlier.

    This program was organised successfully by district executive committee members Rahman sadik Thasleem under the supervision of branch secretary halith and treasurer Abdul malik

    Respected Chair man, other leaders on this dais dear audience and workers of SDPI.
    Social democratic party of India is gradually fixing it's foots in West Bengal. The party has now come forward with a demand for reservation in Govt Jobs and Higher Education to Muslims because Muslims are the most backward and under privileged community here. SDPI is a party which strives for the strengthening of backward communities without prejudice of religion caste or creed.
    People in West Bengal have got a glorious heritage of strive for freedom, justice and equality. It is not mere a past history. The present generation also has got a sense of struggle for rights and freedom.
    But I think this is the right time to think whether our efforts are in the right path. Am I not correct in saying almost all the political parties of India have deviated from the ideology on which they are built up?
    Along with the rest of the world our nation also has fallen in the hands of capitalism and imperialism.
    Ordinary mass of the nation are now living under the shadow of two threats. Those are poverty and terror.
    On the other hand our government claims that they have gone far ahead in the way of development and war against terrorism.
    Development is nothing other than Capitalism.
    New capitalists have accepted the term ‘development' to cheat the modern society which is very keen about humanity and equality.
    The government highlights a fake statistics of financial growth.
    When they claim economy development, above 85 percent of the population is struggling to meet the two ends of needs of life.
    More than 50 percent are below the poverty line.
    While our nation live on agriculture, the government has ignored that that area completely.
    Amount of government expenditure on agricultural growth is being decreased year by year.
    Agricultural land is forcefully handed over to neo-capitalist agencies for industrialization.
    Special Economic Zones are designed to strengthen the grips of money powers over the laborers and the villagers.
    Actually, our nation has accepted capitalism in the pretext of development.
    None of the so called main stream political parties is raising voice against these anti people attitude of capitalist agencies. In another words, our political parties themselves have become an agency to capture and handover people's rights and belongings to money powers.
    American President Obama is visiting India. He will address Indian Parliament. There is an impression that Obama is gentle and generous. He is in no way less than George Bush.
    In fact our country has thrown away the values of non alliance movement. Virtually it has now become a war ally of America.
    The history of our nation has got a black mark of casteism and communalism. These two evils are not eradicated from the secular democratic India. Instead they have strengthened their influence over all the folds of our society and administration. Hatred and enmity is spread.
    In addition our country has now imported hatred from Israel. The most communal force in the world, Israel, is the closest friend and guide of our country now.
    India started diplomatic relationship with Israel during the year 1992. It was not BJP or Vajpayee who started this unholy tie. It was none other than Mr. Narasimha Rao. He gave two blows to the Indian secular society. One is the demolition of Babri Masjid and the other, opening of the doors of our nation to the evil conspirators of Israel.
    Ever since this relationship mysterious incidents and explosions are taking place continuously in our country. Muslim youths are victimized in these untoward incidents. Later it is clear that some hindutwa fascist forces were behind these attacks. But the black mark over the Indian Muslim society still prevails.
    War against terrorism is American war against Muslims all over the world. Intelligence ties of the country with America and Israel has dragged us into this war. War against terrorism has awarded fear only to our country.
    V L Lenin, the leader of Russian revolution had stated that capitalism will be followed by imperialism. We see his words turning true in India. Capitalism came here in the name ‘development'. Closely following it, imperialism also has set foots here in the name ‘war against terrorism'. Followers of Lenin may be aware of the capitalist forces entered in our country. But they are not coming forward for a total defence. As regards the imperialism, the leftist parties of our country are not ready to realize the imperialist agenda behind the war against terrorism. The reason, I suspect, is prejudice against Islam and Muslims.
    History of our democracy begins with the freedom of the nation. None of the political parties of independent India has tried to teach the values and benefits of democracy to the common mass. Ordinary people of our country are utilized only as vote banks. Power is confined only to the upper class castes. Dalits, tribals and backward communities including Muslims are not only driven away from power, but they are denied of justice, legal rights, and civil rights. Democracy in India was never for a government of people, by people and for people. It was some kind hero worship in the beginning and now only a trade of power by exchange on money.
    Adequate representation in power by various diversities of Indian society is to be ensured for the safety of our democracy. Reservation of seats in legislative bodies and government employment is recommended on this ground. Power class, reluctant to approve this theory is actually endangering our democracy.
    Social Democratic Party of India upholds two slogans. Freedom from hunger, freedom from fear. Threats generated by the neo-capitalist and imperialist forces, which keep hatred towards suppressed class of people, are addressed by these slogans. I invite all those who love the country to line up in this new field of struggle.
    In Bengal Muslims are most backward. Justice Rachinder Sachar has highlighted this fact in his report on the backwardness of Indian Muslims. There are resources among Bengal Muslims. This crowed itself is a forceful weapon. Think about a self upraise. Get rid of the nostalgic thoughts about undivided India. Partition of the nation is no longer an acceptable excuse for your backwardness. Be aware that this is the third generation after the partition. Be aware that political empowerment is an unavoidable step towards survival and development of any community. Be a part of SDPI and take your role in this struggle for survival.

  • Muslim World Remains Disenchanted with Obama: SDPI The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has questioned the euphoria being  shown by the Indian Government and the media in highlighting the proposed visit of United States of America President Barack Obama to India in November second week. There is no perceptible change in the policies pursued by the United States towards Muslim world under Mr. Obama after the change of guards in the White House.
    The SDPI national president E. Abubacker and general secretary A.  Sayeed in a joint statement said that Muslims in India and elsewhere in the world had great hopes from Mr. Obama but all that have been belied. The new President did not match his words with deeds and as such Muslim World remains disenchanted with him for waging war in the name of Peace which was initiated by his predecessor in Afghanistan and Iraq. The change seeker President Obama had advocated changes in attitude towards Muslims. But mere words won't help. Muslims in America or those who visit America face racial discrimination. They are racially profiled. Mr. Obama's verbal promises have not taken a practical shape as yet.

    The joint statement recalled that in his historic speech at Cairo University last year, Mr. Obama had called for a 'new beginning' with the Muslim world but that is yet to be realized in letter and spirit. He advocated a partnership with Muslim communities across the globe on the basis of 'mutual interest and respect', but this too has to unfold in action. It remains yet to be seen that the US is Muslim-friendly as Muslims are not too happy with the US' policy towards the Islamic world. It was expected that Mr. Obama would take efforts to stop Israel from building Jewish settlements in the occupied territory of Palestine.

    The aims and objects of Mr. Obama’s visit to India are not very clear. The general perception is that it is the commencement of commercial negotiations between Indian operators and the US companies. It seems that it is just a business trip with trade matters high on the agenda. Capitalist nature of Indo-American political relationship is going to be more visible. The American president has already waived away the chances of India’s entry in to the UN Security council. Some anti-people moves on nuclear liability also are suspected to take place. The rumblings going on for justice and  freedom in many parts of the world for decades together, is unlikely to crop up in the meetings between the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the US President Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama has not yet responded to the Amnesty International stand on the survivors of Bhopal gas disaster. The Amnesty International has asked US President Barack Obama to support the survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster who are demanding accountability, justice and an end to more than 25 years of human rights violations. It had strongly demanded to the President Barack Obama that the American administration and Indian Government should cooperate to ensure that those accused of causing Bhopal disaster, including UCC, are made to face trial and that Bhopal survivors are able to obtain redress.  The survivors and five activist organizations representing them have recently written to Mr. Obama about the need to bring UCC/Dow to justice, which has not been complied with.
    Social Democratic Party of India will protest against the visit, on the day Obama addresses Indian Parliament.

  • Resolutions passed in the meeting of NWC, SDPI held in New Delhi on September 19, 2010
    Resolution # 1
    Withdraw AFSPA and Start Dialogue
    This meeting of the National Working Committee of SDPI calls up on the Union Government to immediately withdraw Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act from Jammu & Kashmir and Manipur. Draconian powers conferred on the security forces by the Act have been proved to be the single most important source of horrible rights violations in Kashmir and Manipur. This meeting likes to remind the authorities that popular struggles cannot be crushed by mere military or police action as proved in Kashmir and such places. Since June 2010 more than 100 innocent people have been killed in the Valley. The ongoing agitation is the reflection of the wide spread anger and agony of common people against presence of security forces which have harshly wrought havoc in the peaceful life of the people. This meeting appeals to the Union Government to withdraw AFSPA with immediate effect and initiate dialogue with leaders who really represent the Kashmiri people and bring about an honorable solution acceptable to all the parties.

    Resolution # 2
    Babri Masjid
    The NWC meeting appreciates the stand of Muslims that they would accept any verdict on the title suit of the Babri Masjid. It also hopes that the Government will take stern action against the Hindutwa fascist forces who want to make political capital out of the issue through actions intended to destroy communal peace in the country..

    Resolution # 3
    Distribute Food Grains to the Hungry and the Needy
    The NWC is deeply concerned that a large sections of the population go hungry while large quantity of wheat rice and other food grains is rotting in the warehouses, public and private.. This meeting also endorses the order passed by the Supreme Court on the issue and urges the Government to take immediate steps to distribute among the hungry and the needy at the earliest.
    Resolution # 4
    Reservation for the Minorities
    In the backdrop of Gujjar and Jat reservation campaigns, this meeting of the NWC demands that the Government honor its commitment to introduce reservation for Muslims and other minorities and to table ATR on the Sachchar Committee and Ranganath Mishra Commission Reports in the next session of Parliament itself . The NWC also underlines the fact that reservation is nothing but a tool for social and political empowerment for the marginalized communities.

    Resolution # 5
    Shares Grief
    This meeting of National Working Committee, (NWC) of the Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), expresses deep anguish and sorrow for the victims of heavy floods in India and abroad specially in neighbouring Pakistan. It shares the grief and bereavement of the families who have lost the dear ones in flood and congratulates the Government of India for their timely offer of assistance to Pakistan AND HOPES THAT Pakistan would positively respond to this gesture of goodwill

  • Mysore by election: SDPI got third place Social Democratic Party of India candidate Kiran Kumar had to satisfy for third slot in a by election held for ward no 14 of Mysore city recently. 

    Congress has won the contest with 1971 votes while BJP place with 1791 votes in second. SDPI managed to secure third place 579 one slot before JDS which only got 278 votes.

  • Don't Sell Out India to US: SDPI
    Thiruvananthapuram: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) Kerala state general secretary Abdul Majeed Faizee urged the people to come out open against the imperial forces like America. He was inaugurating a protest dharna organised by the party against the India visit of US president Barack Obama, at secretariat here with the slogan- Don't Sell out India to US.
    The Indian society should come forward to protest against neo colonial designs that are detrimental for world peace and security. Though Obama came to power after George Bush, the policy of America towards Muslim world remains same.
    Faizee also observed that voices of disagreement from the part of Indian citizens against imperial attempts to endanger nation's integrity were getting thin day by day. We can not support America until it changes its hostile policies towards other nations.
    He also alleged that though there was a controversial survey been conducted on behalf of an American agency in more than 20 states of our country without any kind of official consent, central and state governments were pretending ignorance. In Kerala also the government acted only after the reports of the survey came out in media. Obama is telling Pakistan to bring the perpetrators of Mumbai attack before justice; at the same time his government is still protecting David Headly who is believed to be one of the masterminds of the attack. This is the clear evidence of the American double standard, he added.
    Thiruvananthapuram district president Karamana Razaq, office bearers Rajan Maranallur, Karamana Saleem, Deepthi Mol, Adv. S A Kareem, K G Soman, M A Jaleel, Dalit leader Karakulam Sathyakumar, Pandalam Rajendran also spoke

  • SDPI raises black flag in protest against the arrival of Obama
    Raising Black flag in protest  at Chennai  condemning  the arrival of American president Obama 

    According to the press release, Social democratic party of India on November 8,2010 conducted a protest by raising black flag as a mark of dismay and to  condemn  the arrival of American President Obama at 4:00 pm near Chennai district collector office.
    Social democratic party North Chennai  President S.Ameer delivered welcome speech .
    Jahir Hussain Tiruvallur District president and  Mohamed Bilal, Kancheepuram district president were present . President of Social democratic party of India KKSM Tehlan Baqavi presided the protest demonstration and delivered thought provoking speech condemning the arrival of American President Obama.
    In his speech he mentioned that his arrival is a part of a meticulously planned  attempt to enslave  India. Hidden motive behind his arrival is to swindle India’s resources and industries.
    Further he said, The euphoria being shown by the Indian government to welcome  the president of American colonial power, which instigated  Civil strife and disturbances in many countries should be condemned in strongest terms” he said.
    Slogan raised against obama to quit india immediately and finally South Chennai district president P.Mohamed hussain’s vote of thanks protest demonstration concluded. Local people in large number participated and expressed their anger.

  • Kerala: Mystery over US Survey in Muslim Area Thiruvananthapuram: Mystery surrounds over a survey conducted in Muslim populated area here on behalf of an American agency. The survey was conducted at Karimadom Colony, home to about a 100 poor families on Oct 2, by a Kochi-based organisation for the Washington-based Princeton Survey Research Associate International.
    Though the survey was done last month it became public only when some TV channels brought the news out yesterday. Some questions in the survey which are meant to measure Muslim’s allegiance and loyalty to their homeland and to question their patriotism are real causes of concern. It is not clear why this survey was conducted and with whose permission.
    Feeling suspicious about the 83-page questionnaire and its contents, especially about 30 questions that needed to be answered only by Muslims, the locals immediately reported the matter to police. The police registered a complaint against the organisation but let off the five-member woman survey team.
    The questions that needed to be answered by Muslim respondents only were about how religious they were, whether they wore the burqa, their opinion on US President Barack Obama administration, about Middle East issues, Israel, Bangladesh Muslims, among others.
    The survey starts with questions to know about respondent’s attitude towards Indian Prime Minister, national government, Indian military etc. Some of the questions are having preconceived notions that Muslims are against democracy and governments of the country. The survey is also meant to ‘measure’ their ‘respect’ towards persons like Usama Bin Ladin, Hasan Nasrullah of Husbullah, Ahmedinejad, the president of Iran, and organizations like Jamaath-e-Islami and Lashkar-e-Thayyiba etc. Here are some questions in the survey:
    1. Do you consider yourself first as a Muslim or as an Indian citizen?
    2. Are you of the opinion that Shari-ath law should be enacted in the place of official laws of the country?
    3. Do you support the view that those who are trying to oppose your beliefs should be fought against?
    4. If a fidayeen get killed during a bomb attack, can it be justified as an Islamic act?
    5. Is it right to vote for a candidate who is having other religious belief?
    6. Why do you believe that persons like Usama Bin Laden are enjoying popularity?
    7. What is your opinion about Iran? If u support why?
    8. What is your attitude towards America and Israel and why?
    9. Do you believe that America is against Muslims?
    10. Do you support America’s Afghan policy?
    Kerala government has decided to seek central government help to unravel the mystery behind the motive of the survey as per the recommendation of state intelligence that looked into the issue. 'We will seek the help of the central government and its agencies to find out why this happened here and for whom this was done and all other details,' State Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan told reporters here Wednesday.

  • SDPI welcomes badanwal verdict Mysore: Social Democratic Party of India, Mysore district, has welcomed the verdict of Mysore district court, sentencing life for culprits of Badanwal Dalit Massacre in 2007. The party said it is a victory for daliths against Brahminist forces who exploit them.

    SDPI wished that let verdict become a lesson for the Brahmin forces that often indulges in dalith exploitation.

    The party also urged in a press release, that local administration and police should take measures to ensure security for the daliths and should take strong action against those who exploit them in the name of caste.

    The press release stated that the party did not tolerate any kind of exploitation and illegitimacy against Daliths.

    The party also warned a protest if any kind of such practice occurred in the future.

    Twenty people were sentenced to life imprisonment by a court here Thursday for killing three Dalits 17 years ago during a clash over allowing members of the Dalit community to enter a village temple.

  • Parties failed to secure democracy in the country: Majeed Kodlipete
    Mysore: All parties that ruling and has ruled independent India have failed to secure Democratic system of the country. It is a need of time to preserve social, secular and sovereign value of the state said Abdul Majeed, state president of Socail Democratic Party of India, who was speaking after inaugurating Mysore district office of the party, on Wednesday.

    “Even now people of the country dying due to lack of food, though we achieved freedom before 60 years. Weaker sections of the society are leaving under insecurity. Making this country “Free from hunger and free from fear” is a main object of the SDPI” said, Abdul Hannan, the state general secretary of the SDPI.

    Speaking to gathering BBMP corporator and SDPI state vice president prof.Naznin Begum said, “People of Padarayanpura ward elected me in BBMP election. Power is a need to serve the people but not to plunder the country. I am committed to take progress work of my ward”.

    She also demanded people of the Mysore to vote SDPI candidate B.Kiran Kumar who is contesting election in the party from 41st wards of Mysore city.

    Speaking to audience the candidate Kiran Kumar said that he joined the party accepting its principles, ideology and concern about people.

    State committee member Mallappa, State secretary Shekh Sirajuddin, Mysore district president Faizal, office bearers of district committee and Narasinha Raj constituency were present at the dais. 

  • Mysore: SDPI candidate Kiran to contest by election
    Mysore: Social Democratic Party of India candidate Kiran Kumar will contest by election for ward number 41 of Mysore.
    The election will be held on 9th November 2010 and the result will be announced on 11th of the same month.
    Campaign for election was on process and workers were doing their best to win the election. 

  • Prof. Anas Sworn in as Block Panchayath Member
    Kochi: Prof. Anas who had secured a thumping victory in local body election from jail sworn in as block panchayath member from Vanchinadu division today. Anas who was implicated in Muvattupuzha teacher assault case had been in judicial custody. He was escorted by police from Viyyur central jail to Vazhakkulam block panchayath to take the oath. K. Kunjumuhammed, senior member of block panchayath administered the oath to Anas under the supervision of electoral officer Vasantha Kumari.

    After taking the oath, Prof. Anas thanked God and all the people who voted him to victory. Earlier Ernakulam Sessions Court had granted him permission to participate in swearing in ceremony.
    Hundreds of people including SDPI workers gathered at block panchayath premises to receive their new representative. The people who had been waiting him for hours greeted him with slogans and cheers, when he came out of the police van with a big smile on his face.
    While returning to the police vehicle on his way back to the jail, he told the media persons that his victory was a befitting reply from the part of people against the state terrorism.

    Anas defeated his UDF rival by a margin of 1,902 votes, while the LDF candidate came third. Anas had contested the seat in SDPI ticket after obtaining permission from the local court and could neither campaign for the poll nor cast his vote.
    Ernakulam Sessions Court will consider his bail application tomorrow.
    Also other new members of the local bodies took oath to their respective positions this morning.

  • Prof. Anas Comes out of Jail, Gets Warm Welcome
    Kochi: Professor Anas who had been elected to the Block Panchayath in recent election from jail got bail in Muvattupuzha assault case. He came out of the Viyyur jail into the midst of cheering crowd of SDPI activists. Hundreds of people including the leaders of SDPI were waiting outside the jail to receive their leader. SDPI stae general secreatary M K Manoj Kumar presented garlands to Prof. Anas. Thrissur district president of the party P K Usman, Ernakula district presdent Aslam, Palakkad district president Khaja Husain, state coordinator C G Unni etc. were present there.
    After that Anas was accorded warm reception at Thrisur and lots of vehicles followed him. In the evening he visited all eight wards of Vanchinadu Block to thank the people who voted for him. Later a public meeting was held at Mavinchuvadu to welcome Prof. Anas. Meeting was inaugurated by SDPI state general secretary M K Manoj Kumar.
    Prof. Anas said that he was innocent and police was charging false case against him.

    Ernakulam Additional Sessions Judge V Shircy had granted him bail yesterday on the ground that there was no evidence against the 47th accused in the case as per the remand report and prosecution failed to prove the same. Judge also said that Anas was not involved directly or indirectly in the crime at any stage of attack. Mere participation in a rally organised in protest against the arrest of the culprits in the case can not be construed as the collaboration in the crime, court added. And the court also observed that it is unlawful to put such a person behind bars more than 90 days. However the bail applications of other accused were rejected.
    Anas got the bail on a bond of Rs. one lakh and two solvent sureties for the like amount. He has been asked to appear before the investigating officers every Saturday and Monday and surrender his passport within five days of his release.
    Anas was elected from the Vazhakulam panchayat during the recent civic polls, defeating both the Congress led UDF and CPI(m) led LDF candidates by big margin. He contested the polls as candidate of Socialist Democratic Party (SDPI).