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  • [English] Stop Kootangulam Nuclear Power Plant : SDPI

    Stop Kootangulam Nuclear Power Plant : SDPI

    Nellai : Thousands of people started a fasting to oppose Koodangulam Nuclear Power Plant at Idinthakarai village, Nellai district of Tamilnadu on September 11, 2011 onwards. Yesterday around 2:30 pm SDPI state president KKSM Dehlan Baqavi arrived at the protest spot and expressed his support and solidarity.

    If this Nuclear Power Plant starts functioning people around 50 Km circumference will realize its adverse effect. Agricultural lands will be destroyed and become infertile. Environment will be polluted and enriched Marine resources will be spoilt and destroyed.

    If any accident took place, around 50 km surrounding will be devastated and it will continue to affect many generations to come.

    Even today, People in Russia is still affected by Chernobyl nuclear disaster.Aftermath of tsunami disaster in March this year, Many Japanese were affected in the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Nuclear plant,Japan, So many countries have announced to close their nuclear plants.

    While Kerala had opposed the project, Without any consultation from the people, Nuclear Power Plant was started in Tamilnadu, is condemnable.

    Central Government should abandon this project immediately. Tamilnadu chief minister should exert pressure on Central government to stop this project.

    On Behalf of Social Democratic Party of India, coming 16 th September we have decided to stage protest demonstration at Nellai in support of the People's futuristic legitimate demands.