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  • Muslim World Remains Disenchanted with Obama: SDPI

    The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has questioned the euphoria being  shown by the Indian Government and the media in highlighting the proposed visit of United States of America President Barack Obama to India in November second week. There is no perceptible change in the policies pursued by the United States towards Muslim world under Mr. Obama after the change of guards in the White House.
    The SDPI national president E. Abubacker and general secretary A.  Sayeed in a joint statement said that Muslims in India and elsewhere in the world had great hopes from Mr. Obama but all that have been belied. The new President did not match his words with deeds and as such Muslim World remains disenchanted with him for waging war in the name of Peace which was initiated by his predecessor in Afghanistan and Iraq. The change seeker President Obama had advocated changes in attitude towards Muslims. But mere words won't help. Muslims in America or those who visit America face racial discrimination. They are racially profiled. Mr. Obama's verbal promises have not taken a practical shape as yet.

    The joint statement recalled that in his historic speech at Cairo University last year, Mr. Obama had called for a 'new beginning' with the Muslim world but that is yet to be realized in letter and spirit. He advocated a partnership with Muslim communities across the globe on the basis of 'mutual interest and respect', but this too has to unfold in action. It remains yet to be seen that the US is Muslim-friendly as Muslims are not too happy with the US' policy towards the Islamic world. It was expected that Mr. Obama would take efforts to stop Israel from building Jewish settlements in the occupied territory of Palestine.

    The aims and objects of Mr. Obama’s visit to India are not very clear. The general perception is that it is the commencement of commercial negotiations between Indian operators and the US companies. It seems that it is just a business trip with trade matters high on the agenda. Capitalist nature of Indo-American political relationship is going to be more visible. The American president has already waived away the chances of India’s entry in to the UN Security council. Some anti-people moves on nuclear liability also are suspected to take place. The rumblings going on for justice and  freedom in many parts of the world for decades together, is unlikely to crop up in the meetings between the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and the US President Barack Obama.

    Barack Obama has not yet responded to the Amnesty International stand on the survivors of Bhopal gas disaster. The Amnesty International has asked US President Barack Obama to support the survivors of the Bhopal gas disaster who are demanding accountability, justice and an end to more than 25 years of human rights violations. It had strongly demanded to the President Barack Obama that the American administration and Indian Government should cooperate to ensure that those accused of causing Bhopal disaster, including UCC, are made to face trial and that Bhopal survivors are able to obtain redress.  The survivors and five activist organizations representing them have recently written to Mr. Obama about the need to bring UCC/Dow to justice, which has not been complied with.
    Social Democratic Party of India will protest against the visit, on the day Obama addresses Indian Parliament.


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